Individual Therapy

Individual therapy, as the phrase suggests, is carried out primarily with the client seeking help. The therapy sessions involve the client and their therapist meeting on a one-on-one basis at a schedule decided by them mutually, and work collaboratively towards goals. At TherapHeal, we give individual psychotherapy to children, adolescents as well as adults.

Marital/ Couples Therapy

Marital and Couples Therapy treats couples (married or otherwise) who are struggling in their romantic relationship but wish to improve and enrich it and seek resolution of conflicts. This mode of therapy involves the therapist seeing the couple as a client and is dedicated to improving various domains of the couple’s life.

Family Therapy

Oftentimes, family is a source of great stress. You could feel very unheard with your parents, there could be a lot of parental pressure or just issues that never seem to get resolved regardless of how much you try and talk about it. Breaking these long formed patterns could be a goal that seems out of reach. Family therapy would essentially bring in all or parts of your family that aren’t working well or could use help to work better, in an attempt to reduce mental distress for everybody involved.

Psychological Assessment

A psychological assessment is essentially a series of tests conducted on a person, that can help psychology professionals gather information about the person’s way of thinking, behaviour, and actions. It involves developing an understanding of the problems experienced by the client, and then evaluating the test outcomes to treat the client. It further enables the psychologist to plan and execute intervention in a systematic fashion.

Psychiatric Consultations

A psychiatric consultation is a session with a psychiatrist, who is a a medical professional with a MBBS degree, MD and certification in the use of drugs to treat mental disorders. Both psychiatrists and Clinical Psychologists help to diagnose, assess and provide intervention for mental health issues. The main difference between a psychiatrist and psychologist is that the former is licensed to provide medication for the presenting concerns and latter provides therapy.

Support Groups

Support groups are groups that offer a reflective space for the audience and the members bond over the shared struggles as they feel “not alone” in them. At TherapHeal, we run support groups so the members can come together and share their journeys, losses, feelings with us, which is a powerful and empowering and generating this realisation that one is not alone is crucial to one’s wellbeing.

Corporate Services and Collaborations

Corporate Services

There is greater recognition that a healthy employee, physically and mentally, contributes to the goals of the company more effectively. Thus, many organizations invest in the welfare of their employees through a variety of wellness programs. TherapHeal helps corporates in this process through their:

  1. Employee Training Programs
  2. Employee Wellness Programs
  3. Employee Assistance Program

School/ College/ Hospital Collaborations

School/ College/ Hospital Mental Health Services: Empirical evidence has found that any prevention and intervention programs are more effective when delivered early in life. School based sensitization programs have showed reduced likelihood of developing difficulties later in adolescence and adulthood and can also be protective against risk factors.

Supervision of Mental Health Professionals

Supervision is about helping the helper deliver their best in an ethical, competent manner. For mental health professionals, supervision forms a central pillar for holding, building and expanding our skills and perspectives. Providing mental health services is both an art and science. The presence of a supervisor helps integrate these two in a way that each professional can develop their therapeutic style and skill-set. Most importantly, supervision is the cornerstone of ethical and effective provision of mental health services.