Individual Therapy


Individual therapy, as the phrase suggests, is carried out primarily with the client seeking help. The therapy sessions involve the client and their therapist meeting on a one-on-one basis at a schedule decided by them mutually, and work collaboratively towards goals.

Some common reasons for seeking therapy among individuals are:

  1.     Individuals seeking to achieve personal growth through development of insight and introspection
  2.     Dealing with stressors (example: major life events or changes; workplace burnout)
  3.     Grief
  4.     Management of symptoms of psychiatric disorders (Depression, Anxiety, Phobias, & major mental illnesses)
  5.     Coping from Trauma and its effects
  6.     Improving interpersonal interactions (at home, social, or workplace) and social functioning.

The goal of individual therapy is to alleviate distress, help develop insight into the issues concerning the client, and provide a safe and nurturant environment where the client can express themselves and grow in the process. Therapy aims to also equip the individual with improved skills at tackling their difficulties through a systematic, strategic, and standardised approach.

We provide individual therapy to children, adolescents as well as adults.