Supervision for Mental Health Practitioners


For mental health professionals, supervision forms a central pillar for holding, building and expanding our skills and perspectives. Providing mental health services is both an art and science. The presence of a supervisor helps integrate these two in a way that each professional can develop their therapeutic style and skill-set. Most importantly, supervision is the cornerstone of ethical and effective provision of mental health services.

TherapHeal’s repertoire of supervisors consists of certified and experienced psychologists who have been trained to offer you a space to unravel yourself as a mental health professional through both content and process-focussed discussions. Our supervisors acknowledge the fact that each mental health professional, at any stage in their career- be it a trainee or an experienced practitioner, comes with their unique skills, personality and perspectives; and to transform into ethical, competent professionals, it is essential to offer a sturdy rock that can be climbed to gain relevant reflections, and sometimes even wider or different vantage points!