Marital/ Couples Therapy

Couples therapy

Marital and Couples Therapy treats couples (married or otherwise) who are struggling in their romantic relationship but wish to improve and enrich it and seek resolution of conflicts. This mode of therapy involves the therapist seeing the couple as a client and is dedicated to improving various domains of the couple’s life. The central tenets of marital and couples therapy are communication and effective conflict resolution. The therapist works with the clients by observing their existing patterns, and helping the couple alter these patterns to more effective ones. 

Common reasons for seeking couples’ therapy:

  •          Pre-marital counselling and enrichment
  •         Stress and conflict in the romantic relationships
  •         Couples that are separated and looking to rebuild their relationship
  •         Couples facing difficulties with physical intimacy and sex life  
  •          Addressing issues like infidelity

While these are some common reasons for seeking couples or marital therapy, a couple can approach a therapist for various other reasons. If you are not sure whether you require this service, talk to a therapist, they will help you reach a decision!