Corporate Services

corporate services

There is greater recognition that a healthy employee, physically and mentally, contributes to the goals of the company more effectively. Thus, many organizations invest in the welfare of their employees through a variety of wellness programs. TherapHeal helps corporates in this process through their:

  1. Employee Training Programs
  2. Employee Wellness Programs
  3. Employee Assistance Program

Employee Training Program. The training program is a carefully and systematically developed training module, where professionals at TherapHeal provide training and workshops that include:

  •         Leadership Training
  •         Communication skills training and giving effective feedback
  •         Interpersonal Skills Training
  •         Improving time management and productivity
  •         Problem solving skills training
  •         Sensitization program and improving cultural competence
  •         Understanding of group processes, and effectively moderating groups

Corporate Wellness Program provides working professionals with a variety of resources for improving their lifestyle and health which in turn improves the work culture of the organization as a whole.

Sensitizing leaders towards employee wellness is the most important act in improving service utilization. This is the first and most important step, and translates into higher engagement of the employee by establishing a healthy working climate. This also mobilizes building a culture of care, health, and wellness for the employees to work effectively and healthily.

We at TherapHeal help your organization develop and imbibe a culture of competence with a reputation characterized by exceptional work climate.  

How does it benefit your organization? A healthy work climate that improves employee wellness and satisfaction can affect outcomes in the following ways:

  •       Reduced absenteeism, stress, and burnout among employees
  •       Increased productivity and creativity
  •       Positive and healthy work environment
  •       Reduced attrition
  •       Improved job satisfaction and motivation

Employee Assistance Program. We directly work with organizations to provide counselling and therapeutic services to employees facing various psychological difficulties. The kind of services provided and their format may vary based on organizational preferences. From providing workshops on stress relief, handling emotions effectively, and improving interpersonal functioning to one-to-one services where the client can seek help in a safe trusted environment for specific issues including mental illnesses.