At TherapHeal, we envision a community of mental health professionals who are able to provide quality care to clients and consistently have access to a reliable platform for their professional development.

FLOURISH – TherapHeal Academy for Professional Growth of Mental Health Practitioners, was established with this vision in mind. It is an online virtual training academy aimed at creating reliable learning opportunities for professionals in the field of psychology, psychiatric social work and psychiatry. The academy was launched at the International Psychology Conference Dubai at Heriot Watt University.

As part of FLOURISH, TherapHeal will be launching credible courses and training programs facilitated by experts in the field of mental health while also bringing relevant webinars to the community of psychology professionals.

Our intention is to bridge the gap between theoretical learning and practical implementation and to help professionals gain a much-needed insight and exposure to enhance their practice. Our focus will be on upskilling and training professionals to become more competent and ethical practitioners.

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Previous Workshops (Multiple Days)

The Certified Clinical Trauma Specialist - Individual (CCTSI)

The Certified Clinical Trauma Specialist – Individual (CCTS-I) was a 3-day training designed to give the participant a working knowledge of how to engage in the process of trauma treatment. Focusing not only on interventions, but how to sequence the interventions to maximise outcomes.  Dr. Rhoton focused on a Salutogenic approach focuses on health and well-being factors that support resilience, connection, competency, and capacity when working with trauma clients.  This training was designed to improve the quality of treatment for those that have experienced trauma.TherapHeal’s inaugural in-person summit marked a significant milestone for our organization, and we are delighted to announce that it was a resounding success.

Sex Therapy

This was a 2-day workshop which focused on key topics like sexual issues,understanding sexual history and sex therapy.Participants learned about the importance of history taking and gestalt understanding of sex therapy through a practical approach.The workshop aimed to equip participants with the knowledge and skills needed to work effectively in the field of sex therapy.

Dialectical Behaviour Therapy

This was a 2-day workshop covered all the DBT modules with specific references from real-life cases, and it provided a practical guide to applying DBT principles in practice. Through a case-based learning approach, people learnt how to conceptualize cases using a DBT lens, integrate DBT principles with other approaches, and use DBT strategies in complex presentations. Moreover, insight was gained into the heuristic value and limitations of using DBT in the Indian context.

Risk Assessment and Suicide Prevention

Learning Outcomes of the Workshop –
Suicide risk assessment using psychometric tools, Crisis response, Brief narrative interviewing,

Engaging significant others in suicide prevention, Session reporting format. 

Cultivating Mindfulness: For oneself and one's clients

‘CULTIVATING MINDFULNESS: For oneself and one’s clients’, presented by FLOURISH  – TherapHeal Virtual Academy for Professional Growth of Mental Health Practitioners! Facilitated by established industry experts, this day-long workshop will provide an authentic and reliable space for an experiential, in-depth and interactive learning experience.

Previous Workshops and Webinars

TherapHeal Flagship Summit

To mark our our one year anniversary on 9th October 2022, we organized a Virtual Global Mental Health Summit – #Trauma360°.

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At Trauma 360°, everyone experienced a day full of quality knowledge on Trauma from the best of speakers from across countries. The Summit addresses the theme of trauma from different angles such as childhood trauma, relational trauma, neurobiology of trauma, vicarious trauma and so on. Some of our speakers also shed light on managing traumatic experiences. It had something for everyone!