Festive Blues.

Festive season is a time of change and happiness but it can be anxiety inducing for a lot of people.There is an unsaid pressure to be joyous around your family,friends and loved ones.It can create inconsistency in thoughts which leads to feeling of apprehension ,discomfort and feeling of not being good enough

A study by the American Psychological Association (APA) found that “Stress around the holidays is disproportionately felt by women. Women are more likely to feel that stress increases around the holidays (44 percent of women report an increase of stress during the holidays versus 31 percent of men) Women say they have a harder time relaxing during the holidays and are more likely to take on all of the tasks associated with family celebrations, such as shopping, cooking, and cleaning.” Rather than serving as a source of happiness, festivals become stressful for everyone, especially for women, who have to do all the work at home as part of popular belief systems.

On a very superficial level festivals are about sparkling gifts, new clothes and merry making by the accepted norms of society and popular culture. A festival’s larger picture is often overlooked by people who constantly evaluate whether their circumstances conform to popular expectations. Feeling left out is heightened whenever there’s a mismatch which is often generated whenever there are conflicting emotions.

Being happy does not require you to force yourself out of your comfort zone, and it is great to acknowledge that you may be not feeling well. Festivals are known for being a joyous occasion for all, it may be difficult for people around to relate to the low mood. Keeping your mental health as your first priority is very important.


  • Have realistic expectations-It is necessary for everyone to know that everything can’t be black and white, there is a huge gray area that comes in whenever our feelings are involved. So, it is more than okay to not be okay and have expectations that we can fulfill and ask others to conform to.
  • Ask for friends and family for support– Asking for support might bring up feelings of vulnerability but the more resources you have the easier it is to deal with negative emotions
  • Take charge of your own tradition-Instead of following the traditions that most people adhere to; you can create your own unique traditions that you are comfortable with. It can be anything that makes you feel happy and at home
  • Maintaining your boundaries and not forcing yourself to go out of your comfort zone- Asking for space wherever you need it and setting boundaries is a huge component of dealing with negative emotions.

Borderline festivals can create both a positive and negative illusion of happiness. It is the time of year when people feel vulnerable and crave the presence of their loved ones. Taking care of your mental health and others is equally important and shouldn’t be ignored.

Author: Jahanvi Mishra, A student of Psychology & Intern at TherapHeal

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