Himel Dey shared his mental health journey with us...

In 2014, When I was in class 12 , I got diagnosed with OCD. That time, I didn’t know what OCD was. I thought it was something I could pray about and ask God to make ‘go away’. I would wish to wake up and not worry anymore, but neither of these were solutions to my mental health condition- Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. I used to have bad and negative thoughts about Gods, family members, etc. A certain period also came where I used to beat myself because of this intense, disturbing thoughts. My results used to go down. My normal life got disastrous.

The thing about OCD is that sufferers can have some really intrusive, intense, disturbing thoughts, which are very uncomfortable to say out loud. The less you want to give attention to it the more worse it becomes. It practically destroys your normal life. Everyday would feel like hell to you. I could not discuss this thoughts with my family members or any others and it remains misunderstood and people used to make the jokes without realising what OCD is.

After suffering from OCD for more than 3 years, going to many doctors and taking extreme medicines, I finally went to therapy session. The therapy sessions changed my life. I used to have regular sessions at clinic. It helped me to face the thoughts which came to my mind.
and also thought me that OCD can be defeated. With the professional help and family support I am finally been able to defeat OCD.

Although OCD took over most of my teenage years, with therapy and support from my family I have managed to reclaim my new life. There are still days where I struggle. I am constantly aware of my thoughts and it’s something I think about, and will have to live with everyday. But OCD doesn’t stop me from doing anything- I may still have the intrusive thoughts, but tell myself if there’s anyone, I’d send an inappropriate email to it’d only be to my OCD telling him exactly how I feel- and that would be perfectly okay.

Everyone can beat OCD. Don’t let OCD win over yourself.


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