Be Like A Child

Everyone keeps saying that to stop acting like a child, Are you a kid, you’re grown up? We keep hearing these statements, but I’m going to tell you to be like a child when it comes to being in the present. Everyone wishes to be like a child and not to grow older but it’s impossible. It is about having a child-like mind that’s possible.

Yes, I’m pretty sure no one can defeat the kids in mastering this skill, they are the real experts. Let’s explore and find the way how and when to be like them.

Few things which I observed when I was with my kids and it helped me to stay connected with the present and how to enjoy things around us. 

Some of the few things which I observed


The level of curiosity would remain the same even if they play with their regular toys and primarily get amused with absolute little things around them.

Exploring new things

The nature of allowing them in exploring new things and just be with that keeps them engaged completely.

Modeling others

Imitating the ideas of siblings or loved ones helps one to enjoy the things deeply.

No / less expectations

Yes, imitating but not expecting to be like others and not comparing oneself with others.


Never want to carry out things perfectly and admire themselves every single time for what they have achieved.


Building connections with others through sharing, bonding and helping.  Since they are the serious followers of an egalitarian approach, they treat everyone equally with no restrictions whether they are loved by others or not.

No anticipation

 Zero preparation they don’t see them that they are in a race or exam considering everything is same.


The quality of forgiving oneself and others makes them stay happy and enjoy things.

Watching kids itself makes oneself mindful and reminds everyone the purpose of life. These are the qualities I realized and it’s endless. I believe that you too have realized like me if so, please do share your comments. 


Author: Vijayalakshmi, Consultant Clinical Psychologist, TherapHeal.

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